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How to Shave Properly: Tips for the Perfect Shave

Sometimes all that matters when it comes to shaving is the technique. Not all knows how to shave properly. Some people simply thought that having the most expensive shaver that is the number one in reviews and forum is already enough for them to get the best

What Is The Best Electric Shaver for Men?

As time progress, the debate on what is the best electric shaver for men is getting more exciting. As we could observe not only the manufacturers of different shaving products are claiming that they got the best electric shaver but also the users who experienced using different

What is the Best Electric Shaver for Black Skin?

Knowing the curly hair growth and the thick hair strand for black men means they need to have a shaver that can cut through the hair despite of its form. This is in such a way that they can still obtain a clean result. Using ordinary electric

The Best Electric Shaver for Women

Knowing what is the best electric shaver for women is a question that depends on perspective. This truly is based on the subjective point of views for most women. However, there are most common factors that are highlighted on most reviews. These factors are the battery life

The Best Ways of Using Electric Shavers that Works

Having the best brand of electric shavers, but has no enough technique on its proper usage will still give bad shaving results. This article will give you a lot of tips on how to use it properly. There are a lot of ways that shaving can be

Electric Shavers vs Razor Blade

The first thing to consider here to know which among the two is better is to first know your skin type and the experiences that you have in case you already have tried using any of these two(resource ). While it is true that you can take

The Best Electric Shaver Ratings?

While it is true that the survey and ranks for best electric shaver ratings can be seen on most review sites, however one must not rely on the plain scores alone. Please take note the subjective thoughts of those who review the products. Take time to review

What are the Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin?

Before answering the question of what are the best electric shaver is for your sensitive skin, try considering your shaving habit first. Try to know how frequent do you shave and try to observe at least the type of your hair. When you know these things you

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver One of the most important things that men would need nowadays are electric shavers(wikipedia). Choosing the best electric shaver depends on one’s view regarding the following aspects; price, smoothness of result, the convenience while using it and durability. Almost all

What are the Best Skin Products to use With an Electric Shaver?

For some men moistening the skin with water during the shaving process is already enough. However, this is not the case for some other men. When they shave their face, they tend to go for a complete soothing feeling when the blade of the shaver gets contact