How to Prevent Irritations and Burns from Electric Shavers

Skin irritations and razor burns often occur from using electric shavers. This is nevertheless more pronounced and frequent in people who are frequently shaving with razor blades. Several factors could be responsible for this when using electric shavers. The most important factors that may cause burns and irritations should be tackled to prevent this. This article will focus on these factors, and how to prevent irritations and burns from electric shavers by tackling these causes.

razor burn

Your electric shaver may be bad, get a good one

No matter how good you are, no matter how much experience you have with using electric shavers, nothing compares to a good shaver. Your shaver may be the cause of irritations and burns and simply changing it may be the magic you need. A little search online for electric shaver reviews will show you the best shavers you can get.

Still, on your shaver, remember that your electric shaver needs proper maintenance and should be in a good condition. This implies replacing blunt blades and worn-out foils, enough lubrication for the foils and blades and thorough cleaning after each use. You should also ensure you have enough battery power as this will affect the performance of your shaver. Pulling and forcing your hair may result in irritations to the skin.


Prepare the hair properly for shaving

Do you just grab the shaver and just shave? Stop doing that, it may be the reason why you’re getting those burns and irritations. No matter how you prefer to shave, whether dry or wet, there are always things to should normally do before shaving.

Most people prefer dry shaving, it is better when you apply a pre-shave powder lotion before shaving. This goes a long way to help in absorbing moisture and skin oil resulting in a closer and more comfortable shave.

If you’d like to wet-shave, you may want to use enough warm water and a quality shaving cream before doing this. It is a good way to avoid skin irritations and burns from electric shavers.


How are you shaving?

Seems funny? But shaving with the wrong technique may be the cause of that irritation and burns. So, how do you shave properly?

Don’t be tempted to apply more pressure. A lot of men do this, but it’s bad. Always start shaving from the most sensitive areas. This includes the neck and under the ears, this way you’d get a perfect shave since you’d be more patient and thorough at the initial stages.

Also, reduce the number of passes you make over a certain area. Repeating the razor over a particular area may expose the area to burns and irritation. Do not be found doing this as it is one of the bad shaving techniques that can cause burns and skin irritations.


How do you do your post-shave treatment?

The first thing you should do after shaving is washing your face with cold water. It will calm the skin pores and clean traces of lotions and powders applied before shaving. After this, you can then pat dry your face with a towel and apply an aftershave. This stage is crucial if you are thinking of how to prevent irritations and burns from electric shavers.

Many men feel like they shouldn’t use after shave since they are using an electric shaver, how wrong could that be. Rather, use an alcohol-free, moisturizing aftershave with a soothing effect. Avoid highly-scented aftershave products and apply gently and sparingly on your face.

One other thing to remember is to avoid warm water touching your face after shaving. Also, do not be tempted to rub your face immediately after shaving. Going against any of these unwritten rules may result in you getting irritations and burns from shaving. You don’t want that redness and swelling, so be sure to do things right.

Start with getting the right electric shaver and then follow all these guidelines. If you do, those are the best guides on how to prevent irritations and burns from electric shavers.

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