What is the Best Electric Shaver for Black Skin?

What is the Best Electric Shaver for Black SkinKnowing the curly hair growth and the thick hair strand for black men means they need to have a shaver that can cut through the hair despite of its form. This is in such a way that they can still obtain a clean result.

Using ordinary electric shaver may not work on this case as for sure there will be portions of the hair that will be left uncut or if they want to really get rid of it than they need to do it multiple stroke which can be very painful and time consuming. In the next section below you will be introduced with the best electric shaver for this situation.

Remington DA307 Dual MicroScreen foil shaver

This product is proven to be one of the most popular shaver for black men. Although the price may not be that cheap but it is worth buying as it guarantees a painless, clean shave. They’re a couple of features of this product that helps attain a close shave for black men. For it to cut and style beards with complete ease and confidence, the Remington DA307 has 112 different cutting surfaces. This can do the job quickly, especially when talcum powder or soap is used on the face before shaving. These two are a perfect combination to attain a smooth flawless shave. As for results, it is observed that this electric shaver gives painless shaving and cleaner results compared to other brands.

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Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver

A good candidate for being the best electric shaver is the Panasonic ES8109S Vortex. This shaver can both be used in the wet and dry environment. It has a cleaning mechanism that can easily remove the dirt after shaving was making it look like new next time it is being used. It is proven to do a very clean cut and does not contribute to rushes and irritation. As of this time the price of this shaver is very affordable enough and the blade seems to last longer than other brands. This gives more value to your money then. This is because of its longer lasting cartridge.

As a conclusion, this article is intended for those who belong to the black group of men where the beards may have a curly growth and the hair strand is thicker. As for the two sample products mentioned above, they may not be completely described yet but you can always check for the complete features of those product online. The most important point here is that there still is an option even if your hair strand is thick enough. With this guide article choosing the best electric shaver is now easier. You just need to check if at cases your money will be able to do the purchasing of the product.

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