Panasonic ES-8243-A Arc 4 Electric Shaver Feature Review

Panasonic ES-8243-A Arc 4The Panasonic ES-8243-A Arc 4 has been known with its efficiency. It can sweep through a bigger area as its shaver head is widened by 32 percent. This means it can cover a bigger area and can effectively cut with one more stroke. This fact alone already entices a lot of users to buy the product as most people this time do not have the luxury of time.

Aside from its efficiency, this Panasonic shaver comes with a linear motor that can enhance shaving results. The name of this Panasonic shaver already implies that this can be used both in dry and wet environments, allowing the user with more ease and convenience of use.

Among its highlighted features are pivoting head, which allows flexibility in curved areas, cordless operation for more convenience, sonic vibration and pop up trimmer for lifting the hair and hence providing a cleaner result.

Panasonic ES-8243-A Arc 4 Wet/Dry User Comments

Most of the users found it very convenient when they can feel the shaver’s head easily adapting to the contour of their faces. They just love the flexibility this provides. Unlike their experience with other brands, using Panasonic ES-8243-A Arc 4 does not require them to adjust the position of their faces and do a lot of stretching on their skins just to attain a cleaner cut. This is simply fantastic.

Smooth skin with less irritation is something that users can get by using the Panasonic shaver. This is because of the linear motor that comes with it. It simply operates at high speed and contributes to the precise cut, which makes the user not do a repetitive stroke in an area. Hence the skin surface will not be affected much by friction due to the rubbing of the blade.

Amazingly, most users claim that the effect of doing dry or wet shaving is the same when it comes to the moisture and smoothness of your skin. This skin smoothness is maintained due to the fact that this shaver has an arc design that can allow the user to do circular directions during the shaving process. This really acts like it is a rotary shaver.>>> Click Here To See Specifications, Customer Reviews & Rating <<<


In terms of efficiency, nothing can beat this Panasonic shaver. It simply has outsmarted the rest of the other brands. The money you will spend for this product is truly worthy. Although, the list of its feature is not that much compared to other brands, but having a very good review result is something that this product is standing on. It simply has gain favorable user acceptance compared to the rest not to mention that this has the smallest return rate from customers due to dissatisfaction.

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