Can You Shave Your Face with Lotion?

What can you do when you run out of shaving cream, and you want to shave your face early in the morning? You can either dry shave or postpone the shave. There is also another option of shaving with soap, and you will get excellent results. What else can you think of? Can you shave your face with lotion? Maybe you haven’t thought of this, and that is why we have researched and came up with an answer. Continue reading for a detailed answer.

Can You Shave Your Face with Lotion

Why do you need a cream or gel when shaving?

Before we focus on whether you can use a lotion or not when shaving your face, it is essential to discuss why you need a cream or gel when shaving your face. Shaving gels and creams soften hair and the skin on the target area. In addition to that, some exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dead skin, dirt, and unclogging the skin pores. In addition to that, the main essence of using cream is to minimize friction between the skin and the razor blade. As a result, the razor glides smoothly over the skin while doing the job. In short, the cream provides protection and lubrication to the skin when shaving.

If shaving cream runs out, can you use lotion?

Shaving the face requires care. For that reason, you need to have the right razor for the job. In addition to that, when you don’t have shaving cream, you can comfortably shave your face using lotion. Lotions have essential nutrients required by the skin and will allow the razor to glide smoothly over the skin surface. In addition to that, lotions will soften and make the skin supple. For that reason, it will be easier to shave without cutting the top layer of the skin.

Benefits of using lotion when shaving your face

One of the main benefits of using lotion when shaving your face is moisturizing the skin. Many lotions have hydrating properties and will leave your skin hydrated. In addition to that, it will provide a smooth barrier between the razor and the skin. As a result, no nicks and cuts on your face. Also, some lotions have ingredients that exfoliate and improve your overall skin health.

Any disadvantage?

The only problem of using lotion when shaving is that it can be absorbed fast by the skin leaving the skin dry before shaving. As a result, you can end up shaving almost dry. You can avoid that by not rubbing the lotion into your skin. Just apply it lightly to the target area and shave immediately. Another disadvantage is that you can use a lot of lotion while shaving compared to shaving gels or creams.

Final Words

You don’t have to postpone the shave just because you ran out of shaving cream. You can use your lotion to shave your face. You need to get your face ready and use the lotion, just like the shaving cream. However, when the lotion is rubbed too forcefully on the skin, it will be absorbed, leaving your skin dry.

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