Can You Use Hair Conditioner to Shave Your Face?

Shaving your beard or facial hair needs you to have shaving cream. What can you do when your shaving cream runs out? It’s important to note that there are many shaving cream substitutes you can try and they will work. Some of the alternatives include lotion, soap, coconut oil, among others. Can you use hair conditioner to shave your face? Well, this question is asked by many people, and you will get an answer soon. Continue reading to get the answer.

First things first, why do you need shaving cream?

Maybe you don’t even know what is the purpose of shaving cream when shaving. But don’t worry, we will explain everything to you. You use shaving cream to ensures that you don’t cut your skin surface while gliding the razor over the skin surface during the shaving process. Also, shaving cream moisturizes the skin and makes target hairs soft. As a result, you can enjoy effortless shaving as there is minimal friction between the skin and the razor blade.

As a result, when you run out of shaving gel, you should get a product that can provide that smooth barrier between the blade and the skin while shaving. The barrier makes sure that there is minimal skin irritation, prevents cuts and nicks while shaving. Also, it prevents razor burns as well as razor bumps.

Can you shave with hair conditioner?

The answer to this question is a big yes. Therefore, when your shaving cream runs out, you don’t have to worry as a hair conditioner is one of its great substitutes. The hair conditioner has skin-beneficial ingredients. In addition to that, it hydrates the skin, softens facial hair and provides a smooth barrier between the skin and the blade when shaving. You can’t tell the difference in results as hair conditioners work just like shaving creams.

Can You Use Hair Conditioner to Shave Your Face

On the other hand, if the hair conditioner is not your thing, you can consider your shampoo. Shampoo works well, creates great lather and makes shaving effortless. Another advantage of using shampoo is cleansing the skin as well as facial hair.

How to Shave with Hair Conditioner?

First, you need to clean your face with warm water or put a warm towel over the target area and let it stay for some minutes. That makes the skin supple and hair soft. Next, generously apply hair conditioner on the facial hair you intend to shave and massage. Remember to use a smooth massaging motion to make sure that the conditioner gets to the skin. Give it three minutes and then start shaving.

When shaving facial hair, you need to have the right razor for the job. A multi-bladed razor or shaver will work best. Glide the razor along the direction of hair growth to prevent incidences of razor bumps and burns. Also, remember to rinse the razor after every stroke. After shaving, clean the shaved area with warm water and pat dry the area with a clean towel. Lastly, apply aftershave.

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