How Do You Shave Your Balls?

Keeping your balls smooth and clean is a good thing. To achieve that, you need to get rid of the hairs on the sacks. You can do that through shaving or even waxing. Waxing and the use of hair removal creams are not that safe. That is why shaving has proved to be the best option to keep your ball smooth.

How do you shave your balls?

It’s not that easy as scrotum is very thin and highly sensitive. Therefore, you need to be very careful not to hurt or cut the scrotum during the shaving process. Below is a detailed discussion of all you need to know about shaving your balls.

How Do You Shave Your Balls

Why do you have to shave your balls?

Pubic area experiences sweating and can be a favorable place for bacteria and even Fungus buildup. The buildup of sweat and bacteria can lead to an odor and stickiness around the shaft and the balls. Therefore, to feel fresh, it’s is essential to get rid of the hair, which is one of the contributing factors to the buildup of sweat, fungus, dirt, and even bacteria.

How do you shave your balls?

  • First things first; get the right grooming tools

As mentioned, shaving the balls needs care. In addition to that, it requires you to have the right grooming tools dedicated to the task. First, you need to have trimming equipment. The equipment will be used to trim the hair before shaving. Secondly, you will need to have an electric shaver, clipper, or safety razor. When you pick the right tools, then prepare your skin for the shave.

  • Trim the area if you have long hairs

If you have long hairs around your balls, you should first trim them. This will ensure that you have an easy time when shaving and will allow you to achieve a closer shave. Also, trimming the hair will allow you to get a close view of target hairs you intend to get rid of. With that, you will easily shave the ball hairs in few strokes and minimal skin irritation.

  • Get the area ready!

You need to warm up the scrotal skin to prepare it for a shave. You can do this by taking a hot shower or using a heated towel to warm up the skin. Warming the skin allows more blood to flow to the balls, making the skin around loose and flexible. Cold water can make the skin tight and even cause the balls climb up the stomach.

  • Apply shave oil

To ensure your skin is not irritated, you need to apply shave oil. The shave oil allows the safety razor to glide smoothly over the scrotal skin cutting the hair evenly. Remember, this is no time for shave cream.

  • Shave

You have to pull the scrotum skin tight for a smooth and comfortable shave. Remember to take it slow; the scrotum skin is highly sensitive and very thin.

  • Rinse with cold water and apply an aftershave

When you are done, you should rinse your balls with cold water. This closes skin pores, minimizes in-grown hairs, and calms the skin. From there, you should dry the area with a clean towel and apply a layer of aftershave balm to prevent skin irritation and protect the area against bacteria buildup and infection.

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