Braun Series 7 760cc Shaver

The Braun Series 7 760cc Shaver System is a dry foil shaver that allows you to customize the shave to fit your type of skin and beard. If you are in the market for an electric shaver that provides a close, comfortable shave, this might be the right shaver for you.

The individuals who have used this particular Braun shaver have overall been pretty pleased with the results. It provides a really close shave and it doesn’t irritate your skin as other electric shavers do. This is a dry use, foil shaver that has 3 personalization modes to allow you to have a comfortable shave. It even works really well shaving those tough spots such as your neck.

Overall it is a really good electric shaver, but let’s go over a few more this about this one before you decide if it is right for you.
Braun Series 7 760cc

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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Shaving Options

The Braun Series 7 760cc Electric Shaver is for dry use only. You can’t take this one into the shower with you or use your shaving creams or gels. Even though it is only for dry use, it gives a great shave. In order to give you a really comfortable shave, it has 3 personalization modes. These modes are Normal, Extra Sensitive, and Intensive. Choosing between these modes allows you to get a comfortable shave that will fit your skin and beard type.


When you first start using a new electric shaver there is a break-in period. This is the time in which your face has to adjust to the shaver. It usually takes a few weeks for it to happen. Prior to that, you might not have the closest shave, but it will improve over the first few weeks.

People have been saying that this has given them an extremely close shave right out of the box without the break-in period. The Braun Series 7 760cc has floating foils that will follow the contours of your face helping to give you a really comfortable and close shave. And the 3 personalization modes will allow you to adjust the shave even further for maximum closeness and comfort.

Braun Series 7 760cc Features

The Braun 760cc has a number of features you will want to be aware of before you make a decision. Below are some of the more important features.

  •   3 Personalization Modes – Normal, Extra Sensitive, and Intensive. These modes allow you to adjust the shave to fit your beard and skin type.
  • Flexible Shaving System – The foils float and pivot to follow the contours of your face.
  •  ActiveLift – This is a middle trimmer that is able to lift and trim flat-lying hairs.
  • OptiFoil – These foils are able to get trim the hairs closer for a smoother shave.
  • Clean & Renew System – Cleans, Lubricates, and Charges your shaver.
  • Trimmer – This is a popup trimmer for trimming sideburns, beards, and mustaches.


Braun Series 7 760cc cleaning
The Braun Series 7 760cc electric shaver allows you to automatically or manually clean it. It comes with the Clean & Renew system that will automatically clean, lubricate, and charge the shaver. It is definitely a perk for those that don’t like to clean the shaver manually.

The cleaning system uses cleaning cartridges that usually last for around 30 cleanings. To use it you just put the shaver in head down. The cleaning station will analyze the shaver and report its hygiene status. If cleaning is needed you just hit start and it goes through its cycle. The cleaning cycle takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

To manually clean the electric shaver you just need to put it under running water and turn it on. After this, you will want to remove the foil and let it dry out. If you do manually clean your shaver often, it is recommended that you put a drop of light machine oil on the foil to keep it lubricated. It also comes with a brush to help with cleaning.

Noise Level

The Braun 760cc isn’t too loud. It has the typical buzzing that many electric shavers have, but is not too loud. The cleaning station is a bit loud when it is going through the cleaning cycle.


  • 10.1 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches; 2.7 pounds

It is a nice-looking electric shaver that fits pretty well in your hand. It doesn’t feel like it will slip out at all if your hands are wet either. The way it is designed makes it easy to shave with too. It is able to get those tough areas rather well.

Charging/Battery Life

It takes around an hour to fully charge the 760cc. You will get about 50 minutes of shave time on a full charge. It has a pretty decent battery life so it is nice when you are traveling. It has a battery display, so it will show you the charge status. What is also nice about this one is you can charge it directly with the supplied power cord or charge it in the cleaning station while you are getting it cleaned.

What’s IncludedBraun Series 7 760 box

  • Braun Series 7 760 Electric Shaver
  •  Travel Pouch
  • Clean & Renew System
  • One Cleaning Cartridge
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Smart Plug (100V – 240V)


The Braun 760cc provides a really close shave and the irritation is pretty much nonexistent. It helps that the shaver has 3 personalization modes, so if you do have sensitive skin you can adjust it accordingly.

It comes with the Clean & Renew system which is really nice if you don’t like spending the time manually cleaning your shaver. Also, the battery life is really good, which makes it great for traveling.


One of the drawbacks of the 760cc is that it is a dry electric shaver. I know a lot of people like to use shaving cream or use their shaver in the shower, but you can’t with this one. The cleaning station is also a bit noisy when it is running its cleaning cycle. Also, you have to continually buy new cleaning cartridges when you run out. However, there is always the option for manually cleaning the shaver.

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