How to Shave Properly: Tips for the Perfect Shave

Sometimes all that matters when it comes to shaving is the technique. Not all knows how to shave properly. Some people simply thought that having the most expensive shaver that is the number one in reviews and forum is already enough for them to get the best possible result.

This is not the usual case. It is the technique that matters. It is how you assess everything from the start to finish that will determine if you get the close shave or not. Read through the section below and learn more about tips for getting the perfect shave.

Prepare your face before shaving

Most men took this step for granted. Most men are in a hurry in shaving never minding at all that cleaning their face first is one of the best technique to start with. For some men, especially when they just use soap as a moisturizer, wait until they are done shaving before cleaning and examining their faces. This is somehow the reverse of the correct way. It is suggested that men must examine their face first. They need to check also the condition of their skin. Lastly, cleaning their face may also make the hair not so resistive to cutting hence lighter stroke is needed during shaving.

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Keep the blades in good working condition

Whether or not you are using electric or razor shaver, the blade must always be checked such that it is in a good condition to cut. It must be checked if it sharp enough otherwise it will just cause some irritation or rushes on the skin. Although you can always go for repetitive stroke if the blade is dull the best result will still be attained if the blade is sharp enough to give a clean cut.

Another good thing to consider is this. The time it takes to complete the shaving process. It could not be denied that the sharper blade shaver can complete the task sooner compared to using blunt blade.

Lastly, it is always an important advice to clean the blade properly. A lot of people do the cleaning of the blade carelessly, such that along with the cleaning process they make the blade blunt. It is needed to be very careful not to touch the edge of the blade with some materials as it will make it dull.

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Shave in a wet environment

As stated earlier, washing the face or skin before shaving could be a very important technique. It can make the hair not so resistant at all to cutting. As for shaver that can be used in wet environments, then shaving with foam or gel is a good move. To thoroughly see if the skin area is clean enough, it is advised to look at yourself in front of the mirror when shaving. This can help you check if the whole area is cleaned.

As a conclusion, how to shave properly might be composed of more specific steps. The tips above are just samples but are proven to be effective ones.

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