Important Facts You Should Know About Wet and Dry Shaving

When using an electric shaver, you can either use a wet or dry shaver. However, most people do not know the difference between wet and dry shaving. Do you know the difference? This article covers some of the most important things you should know about wet and dry shavers. If you have a sensitive skin, you will learn some of the things you should consider when buying a shaver. You will learn a lot.

Differences between Wet and Dry Shavers

How to Use a Wet Shaver

  • Use scissors to trim the long hairs before shaving.
  • Wipe the area you intend to shave with warm water. This is very important because it softens the hairs for easy shaving. If you are one of those with course hair, you can apply a hair conditioner or use shampoo. You can also use soap.
  • Form lather from the foam using your hands. Rub the foam gently on the area you intend to shave. You can use a shaving gel or cream instead of foam.
  • You can now start shaving.
  • Most of the wet shavers are waterproof. Remember to rinse it after shaving.

How to use a dry shaver

  • Apply a baby powder on the area you intend to shave. This softens the skin and allows the shaver to slide easily.
  • Dry shaving is suitable for those with short hairs.
  • When shaving your legs, use long strokes and ensure that you are shaving against the grain.
  • Wipe the baby powder which might be left on your skin using a towel or dry cloth.
  • Brush the shaver after you are through.

How to Take Care of Electric Shavers

If you want to get the best from an electric shaver, it is good to ensure that you are using it in the right way. A shaver that is well maintained will provide a better performance. Here are some tips on how to take care of shavers.

  • Replace the blades regularly – After you have purchased a shaver, it is good to go through the manual to know how long the blades can last. In most shavers, you can use the blades for at least one year. In case there are no instructions on when to replace the blades, you can replace them when you realize they have become dull.
  • Shave frequently – Most of the shavers works well on short hairs. In some instances, long hairs may not be comfortable to shave due to pulling. If possible, you should try to shave daily.
  • Clean the shaver after use– Always ensure that the blades are clean after every use if you want them to last for a long period. Shavers comes with different methods of cleaning, it is good to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when cleaning. You can also use a special lubricant to keep the shaver lubricated and to prevent rusting.
  • Wet/Dry shaving– Some shavers do not allow wet shaving. When using such a shaver, ensure you do not shower before shaving. You can shave in the morning before you get into the bathroom.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin

If you are one of those with sensitive skin, you should look for a good razor which can protect your skin. Today there are so many shavers which are designed for people with a sensitive skin. When buying, you should always consider the following factors if you are looking for the best.

  • Shaving head– Some shavers comes with adjustable shaving head which allows you to adjust according to the shape of your face. Such shavers are very friendly to the skin and provide a closer shave.
  • Handle – Look for a shaver which has an ergonomic design and one which fits comfortably in your hands. This will make shaving to be very fast and smooth.
  • Price – You have to set a budget when buying electric razors to avoid overspending. Most of the highly priced razors comes with advanced features but you can also get a quality shaver within your budget.
  • Safety/ cartridge razors – The best things with razors is that they are readily available. They are easy to handle which means they minimize any chances of getting nicks and cuts.

What is the best shaving razor for sensitive skin?

If you are still not sure of which one to buy after going through the above tips, you can look for Feather AS Double Edge Razor. This razor is made of stainless steel to make it durable and it is very friendly to your skin. Unlike others, it allows you to apply pressure when shaving difficult parts without any problem. It comes with a nice handle for easy grip to keep you comfortable when shaving. Apart from that, it has a three piece design and comes with a comb. The shaving head can move up to 45 degrees which allows you to align the blade easily.

Feather AS Double Edge Razor


It is my hope that after reading the article, you can now differentiate between a wet and a dry shaver. If you have a sensitive skin, now you know the best shaver you should purchase. You can also follow the tips we have highlighted when searching for a good shaver. If you want your electric razor to last for a long time, always follow the guidelines we have provided on how to take care of your shaver.

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