Important Things You Should Know About the best hair clippers

Clippers are usually preferred by men for their grooming needs because they are easy to use and help to save time when shaving. You can find different types of clippers in the market which allows you to cut according to your favorite style. In this article, we shall discuss some of the most important things you should know about best hair clippers. Let us start with how to use them.

  • Style– Clippers are designed in different ways which help you to shave according to your preferred style. Most clippers come with varying attachments of comb which allows you to trim according to your desired length. Others come with adjustable blade angles to let you trim different layers within one style. If you want to cut carefully around the ears, look for clippers with edge guards to prevent accidental cuts.
  • Shaving area– When shaving, look for an area which you can quickly clean after shaving. There are clippers which come with vacuum bags which captures stray hairs. This means you do not need to waste a lot of time cleaning after shaving.
  • Wet the hair – You can use a spray bottle to wet the hair before shaving to ensure that it lies flat on the skin when shaving. When the hair is dry, it may not be easy to hold it in place and you can quickly get disorganized cuts. The hair should be clean and should be free from oils or hairsprays.
  • Comb your hair– Do this in regards to the style of hair you would like to have. Tilt the head of the person you are shaving from forward towards the back. Ensure you are moving the clippers in the opposite direction in which hair is growing.
  • Trim the hairs in small portion to get a close shave
  • You can use scissors to trim uneven hairs which might have been left out by clippers when shaving. When cutting long hairs, concentrate on a small area t ensure that you have removed all the hairs.

best hair clippers

Factors to Consider When Buying Hair Clippers

  • Type of motor– One of the essential features in a clipper is the motor. Performance of the device depends on the strength of the motor.
  • Cordless– There are corded and cordless clippers. A cordless clipper is more efficient than a corded one since you can use it wherever you are.
  • The speed of the motor – Consider the number of rotation it makes per minute. The higher the better.
  • Size – The clipper should be lightweight and should fit in your hands comfortably.
  • Battery life– A good clipper should serve you for a long time before recharging. Look for a clipper which uses a Lithium-ion battery. These batteries last longer.
  • Warranty – It should come with a reasonable warranty.

What are the best hair clippers?

These are some of the best brands when it comes to electric shaving.

wahl clippers

Wahl – This is a company which was launched by Leo J Wahl around 1919. The company has produced quality clippers which are of different types. These clippers are available in over 165 countries. Wahl was the first company to launch lithium-ion batteries which are used in electric shavers.



Panasonic – This company is situated in Japan and was founded in 1918. Hair clippers Panasonic from this company comes are lightweight and come in different designs to suit your demands. These clippers are affordable and provide excellent performance.


Have you learned how to use clippers? I hope that, if you have never used clippers before, now you know how they function. We have also covered some of the most important factors you should consider when buying. This means, if you intend to buy them, now it will be easier to choose the best. You can also consider some of the top bands we have mentioned.

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