Is It Better To Shave With A Razor Or Electric Shaver?

When it comes to the differences between razors and shavers, it is not easy to determine which one is better the two. You must consider your personal preferences and the performance of each before you make a decision. If you are wondering on which one to purchase, we have reviewed some of the top shavers and razors you should look for. Electric shavers are suitable for those who:

  • Want to spend little time when shaving
  • Do not mind about the cost since they are more expensive than razors
  • Do not mind even if you will not get a close shave

On the other hand, electric razors are suitable for those who:

  • Have the money to spend on shaving cream
  • Are not in a hurry when shaving
  • Know how to use razors effectively without getting nicks or cuts


Which is the Best Electric Razor?

Most of men prefer to use razors when shaving since they are easy to use and provide a closer shave than trimmers. They are also affordable and very comfortable since they are lightweight. If you have been searching for the best razor, I would recommend Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor commonly known as Merkur 180.

This razor comes from Germany and has a chrome-plated finish which makes it look attractive and rust-resistant. One of the best things about this razor is that it has a long handle which allows you to shave smoothly and fast.

It has a removable head which makes it easy it clean.  Apart from that, it has a guard inclusive of wet shaving. You do not need to worry about the price since it is very affordable.

Which is the best disposable razor and the best Gillette razor?

One of the reasons why most people prefer to use disposable razors is because they are very easy to use and you can easily find them. However, not all of them are quality razors. If you are in need of a good shaver, I would advise you to look for Gillette Mach3 Men’s disposable razor. Gillette has been existing for over 100 years. Most of the products from Gillette are of high quality. One of the products is the Gillette Mach 3.

best disposable razors

This razor comes with well-aligned blades which enables it to shave fast. The razors also have a rotating head which enables them to move according to the contours of your face to prevent nicks and cuts. Apart from that, it comes with micro fins which protect your skin and also allow it to move smoothly when shaving.


Another fantastic thing about Gillette Mach 3 is that the blades have a patented diamond-like cutting layer which makes them sharp and strong. The blades are designed in such a way that it easy to rinse after shaving. It has a nice handle which keeps you comfortable when shaving. However, it is more expensive compared to its competitors. Apart from being the best disposable razor, it is also the best Gillette razor you can find today.

What is the Philips One blade?

Philips one blade is one of the top products from Phillips. It is a unique electric shaver and can be used as a shave or razor. The head only accommodates one blade hence the name. Unlike others, this one can trim all types of beards and hairs and it is very easy to use. It comes with three different combs which you can adjust according to the size of your hair.

Philips One blade

One of the best things about this shaver is that it has a fast cutting system and a sharp blade which lasts up to 4 months. The blade has a dual protection system that protects your skin from scratches. It is resistant to water and uses rechargeable batteries which means it can be used anywhere.


Apart from that, you can use it for either wet or dry shaving. This blade uses a patented blade technology that is able to move according to the contours of your face. The major reason why you should look for this trimmer is that you can use it as a trimmer or razor and no other product in the market works like Philips one blade.

Which Philips epilator is best?

An epilator is a device that looks like a shaver but it removes hairs by pulling hairs from the root just like tweezers. There are different epilators in the market today but one of the best epilators you should look for is the Philips Satinelle HP6401. This one is a corded device with amazing features. One of the best things with Philips Satinelle HP6401 is that it has two-speed settings which allow you to reach all the difficult parts without any problem. It is easy to clean and contains an attachable efficiency cap. It is not 100% waterproof but you can rinse the head under a tap.



After reading the above article, it is my hope that now you know whether to purchase an electric razor or shaver. If you are still not sure on which one you should look for, you can select any of those we have discussed. They are all quality shaving equipment that you can use for your grooming needs. The best thing is that they are easy to use and affordable.

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