Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade Shaver

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Panasonic ES8103S

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade

The Panasonic ES8103S offers a comfortable experience while delivering a close smooth shave on the first pass due in part to its 30 degrees angled blade. There are an awful lot of razors available on the market today and this is one you should certainly check out as it has very good intentions to be the best electric razor.

This razor has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable and easy to use and cleaning is also a cinch as the Panasonic ES8103S can also be used in water. Using a razor in warm water softens and relaxes the skin’s pores which in turn makes your experience more comfortable, if you suffer from sensitive skin or rashes after using a razor or shaver then this will help to reduce this feeling and provide a much better shave and smoothness to your skin.

It also has a light up display which not only tells you when your razor is in need of a clean but will also tell you what percentage of the charge it has left to help you to keep your razor in the best condition and always ready for use. Great prompts to have if like me you don’t want any fuss and just want to be able to pick up your razor and start shaving.

The Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade takes about an hour for a full charge and holds its charge for about week, dependant on use, but even as low as just 20% charge remaining there is no noticeable deterioration in performance.

This contender for best electric razor also has many other great features, see full list below, including a slide switch that allows the head to pivot and follows the curves of your face, a soft mode suitable for men with more sensitive skin and a trimmer which is super easy to use.

Best Electric Razor – Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade Features

  • Smart display showing all prompts including when to clean and remaining charge
  • Nanotech blades and thin foil provide a super close, smooth shave
  • Easy clean with removable blades and use in bath or shower and turbo cleaning mode
  • Pop-up trimmer for detailed grooming
  • Adjustable pivoting head including angle selector
  • Powerful electric razor packing 13,000 RPM’s

Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade Recommendation

With the Panasonic ES8103S, you can expect a close shave on the first pass but this is not a $300 razor which is both good and bad. It is good because obviously, it won’t cost you as much while still buying a quality product and current owners like it because it gives a really close shave and doesn’t cost as much as similar razors.

I have been using this shaver for several days now and I am very pleased with it. It is a gorgeous shaver and even better than I had thought it was going to be. It comes with a charging cord and travel case. It is very quite compared to most shavers. It gives the closest shave that I have ever had and I have tried a number of different shavers.
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The only downside is that this device cannot be used at the same time that it is being charged which some reviewers stated is not ideal but if you remember to charge it once a week or after use then you won’t have a problem.

Our in-depth research found a huge number of reviews for the Panasonic ES8103S with 61% giving it their highest rating possible and a massive 86% rated this at least a 4 out of 5. The feedback we researched was generally very good indeed. The device has everything you need for a fast, smooth, close shave and when you couple a quality product with an affordable price it is very difficult to ignore so while we consider the Panasonic ES8103S to Men’s 3-Blade be a best electric razor we certainly give it our full recommendation.

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