Braun Series 5 550cc Electric Shaver

All men deserve a smooth, clean and comfortable shave even in the most difficult areas. If you are searching for a quality shaver, you need to consider Braun Series 5 550cc. This shaver is very easy to use and comes with a precision trimmer which allows you to trim your beards, mustache, and sideburns. Unlike others, it is able to trim hairs that are laying flat on your skin without tugging or pulling. Apart from that, it comes with an effective clean and renews system which cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges the shaver. Check out this Braun Series 5 550cc guide to learn why I highly recommend the product.

Braun Series 5 Review

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


OptiFoil Technology – This technology ensures that the shaver provides a close shave without pulling or tugging. The foil sheet covering the blades prevents direct contact with your skin. This enables the shaver to move easily on your face. This also allows the shaver to remove hairs that are deep in your skin with ease.

Flexible shaving head – The shaving head adjusts automatically according to the shape of your face. You will get excellent results on whichever part you are shaving.

Precision trimmer – It comes with a precision trimmer which you can use to groom your sideburns, mustache and beards. The trimmer is very easy to use and provides excellent results.

Waterproof – You can comfortably use Braun Series 5 550cc in the shower since it is 100% waterproof. This also allows you to clean it easily under a running tap.

Clean and renew system – This is one of the most impressive features of Braun 5 550cc. It cleans the shaver automatically unlike the manual method of cleaning. It performs 4 different functions at once.  It cleans, lubricates, dry and charges the shaver. You can also opt to clean it manually where you just rinse it under a running tap.

Triple Action Cutting System – It uses an advanced triple cutting system that uses 3 cutting elements. This enables it to trim short, long, long, and stubble hairs without problems.

LED Display –  It comes with an LED display that shows you the level of the battery. It also comes with a hygiene indicator which ensures that you will only use the shaver when it is very clean.

Active Lift Technology – This feature enables the shaver to lift and cut hairs that lie flat on your skin easily. This gives you a close shave even in areas that are not easy to access.

Battery – It uses a Li-Ion battery which takes about an hour to be fully charged. The battery does not have memory problems and can serve you for up to 45 minutes when fully charged. It also has a 5 minutes quick charge feature.


  • Manual
  • Cleaning brush
  • Smart plug and Power cord
  • Clean and Renew cartridge
  • Charging station
  • Travel case
  • Warranty card

How to shave with Braun series 5

  • Ensure the shaver is fully charged.
  • It is not advisable to wash your face before shaving since the skin will be a bit swollen after washing.
  • Remove the stubble beards before shaving especially if you have stayed for a few days before shaving.
  • Turn the shaver on and stretch the skin using your hand, especially on sensitive areas.
  • Hold it at 90 degrees angle to your skin and trim against the direction of your beards.
  • Turn it off after shaving and ensure it is clean before the next shave.

Braun Series 5 550cc vs 565cc


  • Both contain the Active Lift technology which makes it easy to trim hairs that lies flat on your skin.
  • The shaving heads are flexible which enables them to move according to the contours of your face.
  • They both use a Triple Action cutting system to provide a close shave.
  • They have an OptiFoil blade to prevent irritation.
  • They come with a pop-up trimmer.
  • They have an LED hygiene and charge indicator.


  • The only difference is that the Braun series 5 550cc allows both wet and dry shaving, unlike Braun 565cc.

Why should you buy Braun Series 5 550cc?

If you are searching for a quality shaver that is friendly to your skin, you need to consider Braun 5 550cc. It uses OptiFoil technology which prevents pulling and tugging. The clean and renew system is also efficient. Unlike others, it has a hygiene indicator that ensures that you use the shaver when it is completely clean. It is also affordable and able to trim all types of hair.

  • It is ideal for thick hairs
  • It is very easy to maintain
  • It is gentle on your skin
  • It has a perfect cleaning doc
  • It has a battery and hygiene indicator
  • It is strong and very comfortable on your hand
  • 2 year warranty
  • It is noisy
  • The travel case is not large enough

Verdict – If you have used an electric shaver before and you were not satisfied with its performance, you need to consider Braun Series 5 550cc. Unlike others, it is very easy to use and maintain and will give you an extremely close shave as compared to some cheap shavers. Those with sensitive skin will love it because it trims without skin irritation.


Braun Series 5 550cc is a quality shaver for anyone in need of a convenient and affordable shaver. Braun manufactures products that are affordable and of high quality. One of the best things with Braun Series 5 550cc is that as we have seen, it is very easy to use and comes with a reliable clean, and renew system. Apart from that, it has a charge and hygiene which shows you when it is time to clean or charge. If you prefer either wet or dry shaving, this one might be one of the best for you. The shaver may not be as fancy as others but it is one of the best performing shavers from Braun.

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