Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver Review

When it comes to shaving, sometimes it might be tough to select the best shaver due to the different varieties available in the market today. If you are searching for a quality electric shaver, it is important to consider your type of skin, facial hair and your personal preferences for you to choose the best. If you need a modern and an easy to use shaver, the information contained in this article will assist you to choose the best. We shall review Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver which is among the best Electric Foil Shaver for Men. Read on for more details.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Features of Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

Intelligent Sonic Design

A single stroke of this shaver gives up to 10,000 micro vibrations to give you the cleanest shave possible. This means the shaver can capture a major part of your facial hair.


It has a modern design which allows the user to select any of the three settings. That is; Normal, Intensive and sensitive. You can choose any setting depending on your type of hair or the area you are shaving.

ActiveLift Technology

Another remarkable feature of this shaver is that it has an advanced technology which allows it to cut those hairs which lays flat on the challenging parts of your body like the neck.

OptiFoil Head

The OptiFoil head enables the user to get a close shave without irritation. It allows the shaver to cut close to your skin as it cuts more hairs with just some few strokes.

Pivoting head

One of the best features of this shaver is that the head rotates according to the contours of your face to give you exceptional results. Neck and jawline parts can be difficult to trim when using some shavers due to the shape of these parts. However, Braun 7 790cc can shave any part of without any problem because it automatically adjusts according to the shape of your body.


One of the most important things to look for in an electric shaver is the battery. Braun 7 790 uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which takes about an hour to get fully charged. It comes with a charging station, and when the battery is full, you can use it without a cord for 50 minutes. It has a nice LED display which shows you the status of the battery.


It comes with the following accessories;

  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual
  • Charging base
  • Travel case
  • Smart plug
  • Clean/renew cartridge


Braun Series 7 760cc vs 790cc

These two products are almost the same, but they have the following differences.

  1. Braun 760cc has an active cooling technology which is not available in Braun 790cc.
  2. Braun 760cc has a quick charge feature which is not available in Braun 790cc.
  3. You can use 3 modes of shaving when using the Braun 790cc.
  4. Braun 790cc has a clean/renew system for easy cleaning, and the same is not available in Braun 760cc.

Braun series 7 790cc cordless electric foil shaver review

Should You Buy Braun Series 7 790cc?

  • It is a quality electric shaver which gives you what you require.
  • It has different features which make shaving to be fun and easy.
  • It has strong battery and comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • If you are looking for a waterproof shaver, this one is one of the best you can consider.
  • It shaves faster as compared to other shavers.


  • Easy to use
  • It gives you a close shave as compared to most of its competitors
  • It can trim even the hairs which lay flat on your skin
  • Not noisy as compared to others
  • It is waterproof
  • Replacement parts are available
  • 2 years warranty
  • Nice LED display
  • Does not have a charging cord
  • It does not have an excellent grip.
  • It does not allow wet and dry shaving.


Braun 7 790cc is one of the top selling shavers on Amazon. If you are looking for an advanced shaver, this one is the best to consider. It has fantastic features which ensures you get a close and clean shave within minutes.

Final words

As we have seen from the Braun series 7 790cc cordless electric foil shaver review, it is a quality shaver for every man who treats shaving as a serious business.  It is quiet and gives you a closer shave than most of its competitors. Unlike others, it trims more hairs with just a single stroke.  The head pivots easily to reach even the difficult parts of your body like the neck and under the nose. It is very easy to clean and ensures that your skin is well protected. This shaver is a bit expensive but with all the above features, it is worth the price. You will never regret purchasing this shaver. Indeed, it is one of the best Electric Foil Shaver for Men.

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