How Do You Get a Clean Shave? Quick Guide to a Smooth Shave

Being a man automatically comes with responsibilities, one of which is to shave your face. This is not an easy task because most men get it wrong. In fact, very few men know how to properly use razors. If your shaving is not as good as it should be, how do you get a clean shave? Well, here is a quick guide that will guarantee a cleaner and smoother shave.

How Do You Get a Clean Shave


Just like any other exercise, you must prepare for the save. Most people have turned shaving into a morning routine exercise that they rush through. Your face’s skin is sensitive and also requires some form of preparation. Before you put the razor to your skin, ensure that the blades are sharp and not dull. Have sufficient and reliable shaving gel, a towel and sterilizer. There are many cheap alternatives to shaving gel in the market that will irritate and even affect your skin; go for quality. The first thing you should do is to soak your face in hot water; don’t dry off the water with a dry towel. Doing this will ensure that the stubble remains soft and ready for shaving gel.

Apply Enough Shaving Gel

Face skin is very sensitive and has to be cushioned against the blade. There are many types and brands of shaving gels that will cushion your skin from irritation and guarantee comfort during shaving. Apply and massage a thick coat of the shaving gel on your skin. Insufficient gel will only result in serious irritation. You have to realize that there is no prescribed amount of gel one can use; just apply what is enough.

Ensure the Face and Hands are Clean

During shaving, thin skin layers are scraped by the blade. This can expose your skin to bacteria and other micro-organisms. It is important to emphasize the need to thoroughly wash your face before shaving as this will get rid of perspiration and natural oils that can deter the penetration of water, which is very important for a clean and smooth shave.

Save the Complex Spots for the Last

You should start by shaving both sides of the face and just under the sideburns. This is because these are flat surfaces and tend to react to the shaving gels faster than other areas of your face. Thereafter, you can then move to the tricky parts such as the ears, chin and the upper lip. By the time you get to these difficult spots, they would have been softened by the shaving gel and ready for the shave.  It is recommended that you ensure that the strokes are gentle enough to avoid injuries.

Post-Shave Gel Matters

There are very many modern after-shave gels that are designed to not only soother but also moisturize your skin after shaving. Avoid cheap cologne that contain alcohol; the irritation is usually unbearable.

Shaving is an important exercise that requires proper planning. You should start by investing in new superior quality products, especially razors and shaving gels. Have you been wondering how do you get a clean shave? Well, follow the above guide for a smoother shave.

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