How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver

One of the most important things that men would need nowadays are electric shavers. Choosing the best electric shaver depends on one’s view regarding the following aspects; price, smoothness of result, the convenience while using it, and durability. Almost all men prefer these four aspects to be in the product that they are buying, however, although it is advertised that the product has them, still, there are cases where men are not satisfied with what they bought. Most men would really consider the two most important criteria. These are smooth results and the convenience while using it. This makes choosing the best electric shaver to be difficult as they will only be able to verify these two when they have the product already. Some online providers use the strategy of product refund in case the buyers are not satisfied. Although this is a relief for the buyers, definitely this does not remove the frustration and inconvenience of the process.

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Which is the best electric shaver?

Electric shavers nowadays are very common. This is because, unlike the traditional razors, these ones are faster and very effective. If you have been searching for the best electric shaver, you will agree with me that it is not easy at all to determine the best. This is because unlike a few years ago, today there are numerous brands with different features and prices to choose from. Here are some of the major factors you should consider when buying an electric shaver. If you follow them, it will be very easy to determine the best. Read on.

  1. Brand – There are different brands of electric shavers such as Panasonic, Braun, Philips, Remington and many more. When selecting a shaver, makes sure it comes from a reputable company. Some brands are well known due to the production of quality products,. Most products from Philips are of high quality. This means it is one of the best brands you should consider.
  2. Price– The price of an electric shaver varies from one shaver to another. However, most of the expensive shavers contain advanced features which enable them to provide better performance as compared to cheaper models.
  3. Quick charge feature – Most electric shavers take more than fifty minutes to charge. The best shavers should have a quick charge feature that allows you to shave even in case of an emergency. In addition, a shaver that allows you to charge as you shave is also convenient.
  4. Pivoting head – A shaver with a rotating head is a god choice since it is able to move according to the shape of your body to prevent irritations. Apart from that, it makes shaving to be smooth since it is able to reach all parts of your face.
  5. Battery –Battery-powered shavers are more convenient than those that require to be plugged to a socket. This is because you can use them wherever you are since they are portable. A shaver with a battery indicator is also good since you are able to know the level of juice remaining to avoid inconveniences.
  6. Cleaning – A good shaver should be easy to clean. Some shavers come with an advanced cleaning station while in others, you just need to rinse them under a running ap.
  7. Wet and dry shaving– A good shaver allows you to shave with or without shaving cream or water. Some models are also waterproof which allows you to use them even in the shower.
  8. Trimmer– It is advisable to look for a shaver with a pop up trimmer. The trimmer allows you to groom your mustache, beards, and sideburns without problems.


Those are some of the most important things which will help you to purchase the best electric shaver. If you are one of those with sensitive skin, a good shaver should have the following features.


How do I Find the Best Electric Shaver?

Finding the best electric shaver can normally be attributed to statistics. It can always be searched on product reviews as to what brands most men are using. Some of the leading brands that are popular are Norelco ,Panasonic , Braun and Remington. While these four are popular because of the positive feedback from those who have tried using them, it is still best to consider that each person might have different views. This means what they see and feel to be best might not be the same for you. Hence, the proper analysis is still strongly suggested. This is to save you from the disappointment or inconvenience of returning the product for refund purposes. Sometimes men would resort to trial and error mode. It is surely possible that buying different products will let them get what is best suited for them.


Hidden costs and inconveniences

It is suggested that one must be completely aware of what electric shaver they are buying. Having an electric shaver would still cost some users along the way, even if they already are starting to use the product. These costs usually come from the replacement of foils and blades in which, although inexpensive, most of the time not easily available in most stores. Sometimes this may cause your electric shaver not to be usable for a period of time since you still need to look for those foils and blades somewhere. Not only this, but you also need to take note of the wattage of your electric shaver as this may vary from location to location. This is highly recommended when you are traveling to another place.

In conclusion, it is suggested to be very careful in buying your electric shaver. It is also advised that before you need the replacement foil and blade, you must get those items in advance to some store selling them. This will ensure the user the quantity of usage of the product. As for knowing what is the best electric shaver, there is no fixed answer to this. So be the judge. Go and find now the best electric shaver that works for you.

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