Which Is Better Foil Or Rotary Shaver?

We would all like to start every day with a clean and smooth shave. For you to achieve this, you need a good shaver which you can use when you need a quick and clean shave. Most people prefer electric shavers since they have more advanced features as compared to the traditional shavers. Electric shavers are of two types namely, rotary and foil shavers. Would you like to know the difference between the two? This article will help you decide which one you should buy.

Foil Or Rotary Shaver

What is a foil electric shaver?

These ones usually use oscillating blades which rotates behind a thin metal which is covered with tiny perforations to protect your skin from razor burns or cuts. Most foil shavers contain three or four blades. For you to get the best, ensure you shave in straight lines when using a foil shaver. A foils shaver with a high number of blades will shave faster and will give you a closer shave than those with few blades.

Why should you consider a foil shaver?

  • They are very easy to clean
  • They prevent skin irritation especially to those with sensitive skin
  • They provide a smooth shave
  • They are easy to maintain

Who should buy a foil shaver?

  • It is good for those who shave often
  • If you do not mind about noise when shaving
  • Suitable for those with fine facial features
  • Also good if you want to get a closer shave
  • Those who are not in a hurry when shaving

Disadvantages of foil shavers

  • They are not ideal for long hair
  • They are noisy
  • The foil is delicate and breaks easily

What is a rotary shaver?

Rotary shavers use circular blades which spins when saving. The blades are very flexible and allows the shaver to move comfortable according to the shape of your face. The blades rotates independently from each other.

Why should consider a rotary shaver?

  • They are able to cut long hairs with ease
  • You can use them to shave difficult areas like the chin or neck since the blades are flexible
  • They are quiet
  • They are light


Rotary shavers are ideal to those who prefers a quiet shave, those who are always in a hurry or those who shave frequently

Disadvantages of rotary shavers

  • They do not provide a close shave as compared to foil shavers
  • They cause irritation especially to those with sensitive skin
  • They are not easy to clean
  • Not ideal for trimming sideburns


Those are some of the important things everyone should know about rotary and foil shavers. If you are one of those who do not know the difference between the two, it is my hope now that you have a better understanding. As we have seen, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. With the above information, I am sure it is now easy to choose any which you feel that it perfectly fits your needs.

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