Braun Series 5 5090cc shaver

Braun is a leading manufacturer of consumer products for almost a century. The company is well known for the production of radio equipment and film projectors for more than a decade. Around 1970’s, this company started to manufacture electric shavers and coffee makers. One of the best products from this company is the Braun series 5 5090cc shaver. As we shall come to see in this Braun series 5 5090cc guide, it has remarkable features which ensure you get the best results after shaving. For more details about this product, check out this Braun series 5 5090cc review to learn more.

Braun Series 5 5090cc Review

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Features Braun Series 5 5090cc

OptiFoil Design 

Braun Series 5 5090 uses an advanced OptiFoil technology which enables it to capture more hairs with just a single stroke. This technology also allows it to reach the deeper parts of your hair to give you a close shave.

Micro Motion

All the cutting elements of this shaver contain individual suspension. This enables the shaver to provide precise results for slight movements.

Macro Motion

The head of this shaver can pivot up to 40 degrees. This allows it to glide over a large area as it provided good skin contact to give precise results with just a few strokes.

Active Lift

It might be difficult to shave the neck and sideburns with an electric shaver because they are the most sensitive areas. The Active Lift technology allows the shaver to reach any part of your body without problems.


This technology enables the shaver to provide an efficient performance without any effort from the user. It also helps to minimize pressure and this prevents irritation.

Crosshair blade

It may be challenging to shave hairs that grow in different directions. You may need to move some electric shavers in various directions for you to get the desired results. However, Braun 5 5090 is different because it uses Crosshair blades that can capture the hairs which grow in various directions. This is another feature that proves that Braun 5 5090 is what you require.


Braun Series 5 5090cc has Lithium-Ion battery which allows cordless shaving for about 45 minutes. It takes about one hour to be fully charged. Braun Series 5 5090 also has 5 minutes quick charge feature which you can use when in a hurry. The shaver also has an LED indicator that displays the status of the battery.

Charging station

Braun Series 5 5090cc Review

Its charging station is unique because it can perform different tasks at the same time. It selects a cleaning program for the next shave, and charges and lubricates the shaver. It contains an alcohol-based lubricant for cleaning which cleans the shaver completely.


Braun series 5 5090cc comes with the following;

  • User manual
  • Cleaning cartridge
  • Charging base and a Renew system
  • Travel Pouch
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Smart Plug
  • It can reach difficult areas with ease
  • It is easy to use
  • 100% waterproof
  • Replacement parts are available.
  • The head pivots according to the shape of your body
  • It has a hygiene indicator which shows you when it is completely clean
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The cleaning system is costly
  • It is a bit loud
  • Not easy to clean manually

Braun 5090cc vs 790cc

  • Series 5090 is more affordable as compared to series 790.
  • Braun series 790 comes with three seed settings whiles series 5090 lacks speed settings.
  • Series 790 has an OptiFoil which is not available in series 5090.
  • Series 790 contains Intelligence sonic technology which is not available in series 5090.

Why should you buy Braun series 5 5090cc?

  • The crosshair blades of this shaver can cut in different directions.
  • It has a cleaning and charging system.
  • It comes with various accessories.
  • It comes with a guarantee of two years.


Verdict – Braun Series 5 5090 is highly functional and provides excellent results. It has some disadvantages, but overall, it is a quality shaver with amazing features. If you are in need of an advanced, easy-to-use and powerful shaver, Braun 5 5090cc is one of the best to consider.

Final words

One of the most important things that contemplate a man to purchase an electric shaver is the comfort and the features of a shaver. As we have seen from the Braun series 5 5090cc review, it comes with very impressive features which make shaving to be fun and easy which is one of the reasons it is a favorite to many. For those with sensitive skin, Braun 5 5090 might be the best for you because it prevents irritation. It comes with everything you would require to make shaving a success. If you feel that this is what you have been looking for, you can simply purchase it now from Amazon.

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