Braun 3Series 320S-4 Shaver

Braun is an established company which is well known due to its production of quality products such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair curlers, digital thermometer, epilators electric shavers and many other products. In this article, we shall learn more about one of the best shavers from Braun known as Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver. This shaver unlike others allows corded and cordless shaving and it is very easy to clean. If you have been searching for an affordable shaver, Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver should be one of your top priorities. The Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver review covers many details you should know about this shaver. Read on to learn whether this shaver is the best for you.

Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver Review

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


Features of Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver

  • Allows cordless and corded shaving

You can use Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver when it is still connected to the power source or when it is not connected. It takes a short time to charge and has an LED indicator which shows you the status of the battery. Apart from that, it has a quick charge feature which you can use when you are in a hurry. This feature is not common in most of the cheap shavers.

  • Affordable

If you are on a tight budget, you might need to consider Braun 3Series 320S-4 Shaver. It is pocket friendly and gives a very smooth, fast, clean and comfortable shave as compared to some shavers.

  • Braun 320s-4 replacement blades 

It is a foil shaver and uses a series of blades instead of several rotating heads. The blades are well protected with a smooth metal cover which allows the shaver to glide smoothly on your face without irritation.

  • Easy to clean

It is very easy to clean and you just need to spare some few seconds to clean after shaving. You just need to rinse it under a faucet. After this, allow it to dry before you assemble it. It also comes with a cleaning brush which you can use to remove any stuck hairs.

  • Clean shave

Braun 3 Series 320S-4 gives a clean and close shave with just a single stroke. When using some cheap razors, you may be required to pass it several times on your skin which might cause irritation.

  • Pop up Trimmer

The pop up trimmer which comes with this shaver is very effective and gives excellent results when trimming your sideburns , beards and mustache.

  • Warranty

This shaver will not disappoint unlike others you might have used before. It comes with a 2-year warranty which means you can get a full refund in case it develops problems within 2 years after purchase. This is a guarantee that it is a high quality shaver.

Braun series 3 vs series 7


  • Braun series 7 uses Intelligent sonic technology which is not available in series 3
  • Braun series 3 has an integrated middle trimmer unlike Braun series 7.
  • Braun series 7 contains five shaving modes while this feature is not present in Braun series 3.
  • Braun series 7 is able to adjust according to the coarseness of your beards unlike Braun series 3.

Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver

Why should you buy Braun series 3 320s-4?

  • It is affordable.
  • It gives a closer shave as compared to some cheap trimmers .
  • The blades are covered to prevent direct contact of the shaver and the skin.
  • It allows corded or cordless shaving .


  • It gives a very close shave
  • It allows cordless or corded use
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is friendly to your skin
  • It has a charging cord
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty
  • The shaving head is not flexible
  • It does not have very advanced features

Verdict – If you are searching for a cheap but quality shaver, Braun 3Series 320S-4 Shaver might be the best for you. It is easy to use and comes with a quality pop up trimmer which you can use to trim your sideburns, mustache and beards.

Final words

What have you learnt from the Braun 3 Series 320S-4 Shaver review? As we have seen, this shaver is one of the best Braun series 3 shavers you can find today. It has a long lasting Ni-mh battery and also comes with a quick charge feature which you can use for charging. The flexible cutting elements are able to move according to the shape of your face to give you a close shave. It is also waterproof which means you can easily use it for either wet or dry shaving. Is this what you have been searching for? Get it now.

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