Which one is better shaver or trimmer?

When it comes to electric shaving, most people cannot differentiate between shaver and trimmer. A trimmer is an electric gadget that you can use to trim your beards or hair. On the other hand, a shaver looks like a razor blade and can be used to shave your beards, hair or moustache. Are you one of those who are wondering the difference between the two? Don’t worry. In this article, we shall discuss more about trimmers and shavers. The article will also help you to determine which one is the best according to your preferences. Are you ready to learn? Read on.



Basic features

  • They come with different attachments such as combs which you can use to shape your hair according to your desired length.
  • They have self sharpening blades
  • Most of them have a pivoting head
  • You can control the speed and length through special controls

Advantages of beard trimmers

  • A trimmer allows you to shape the beards according to your desired shape
  • You will get a smooth shave when using a trimmer
  • They prevent accidental cuts or razor burns

Disadvantages of trimmers

  • It is not easy to get a close shave when using a trimmer
  • It is limited to the length of beard

Can we get a clean shave using a trimmer?

  • When it comes to shaving, trimmers are not reliable for clean shaving. You can use a trimmer when in a hurry but if you are looking for a clean shave, you can consider a razor blade.

Basic features

  • They can be classified into two categories that is rotary and foils shaves.
  • Rotary – the shaving head contains more than two blades which rotates in circular motion.
  • Foil shaver—these one contains several series of knives which are hidden under a metallic foil to prevent irritation.
  • They normally use three-blade technology to give you a close shave.

Advantages of electric shavers

  • You get a close and smooth shave within minutes
  • Shavers allows you to remove your beards smoothly irrespective of size

Disadvantages of electric shavers

  • You need to change the blades after sometime


Similarities of shaver vs trimmer

  • They have a good grip to make your work easier when shaving
  • They are rechargeable
  • They are friendly to your skin
  • They are very gentle on the skin to prevent skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Can a trimmer be used as a shaver?

Trimmers and shavers work almost the same. However, they have the following differences.

  • You can use a trimmer to shape and remove hairs which are very close on your skin.
  • Some are cordless while others are corded. However, most electric shavers use rechargeable batteries.
  • Trimmers come with styling attachments such as combs which are not available on shavers.
  • Electric shavers are able to remove dead or dry cells and this is not possible with trimmers.

Wrap up

What have you learned? All the above factors will help you decide whether to buy a trimmer or shaver. As we have seen, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is not easy to tell which one is the best between the two. When deciding on the best to purchase, what matters most is your personal preferences. Look for one which you feel that you are comfortable with.

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